Development Reach Out Projects in South Sudan (DROPS) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated for the youths of South Sudan. You are welcomed to join our journey and learn how you could be a change maker…

“To challenge people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, we can change our world.”

Helping the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today.

Our goal is to reach out in solidarity to the people of South Sudan, to provide educational and humanitarian support to those most in need. Our focus is the young people of South Sudan and our emphasis is education. We believe that education helps each person to become self-sufficient. Through collective education, these young people can rebuild a nation that has been torn apart by long years of war towards peace and self-sufficiency. We seek not so much to build bridges as to give the youth of South Sudan the resources they need to build their own. To this end we invite your support in contributing towards educational institutions that are being supported by DROPS. Each drop of generosity you spare impacts a nation aspiring to sustainable development and peace through education.


Every aspiring youth requiring assistance in South Sudan, is supported for education and human development.


Mobilizing resources in a spirit of sharing for the humanitarian and educational support of the people of South Sudan particularly the young people.


Inspired by the facts and stories from the lived experience and testimonials from those who have dedicated themselves to the services of the people of South Sudan over thirty years, we recognize the need for additional assistance and support. Having seen the generous spirit of the people around the globe, joining DROPS would gives the opportunity to make a meaningful change to the lives of young people with your generous donations towards one of the poorest part of the world. Your DROPS contributions directly reaches the beneficiaries.


Actively working with the youth for the last 30 years, we have turned the lives of several 100 families into an aspiring life of their own, which proves we could make an impact to the society and country. We have a lot of opportunities available. So please join us to make a better world for South Sudan youths.